E02: Farmers Markets and CSA Boxes With Angel and Antonio

Today's episode features the dynamic insights of Angel Hammon and Antonio Rodriguez. They'll be guiding us through the rich history of our Home Gardens program, the integration of CSA boxes, and the crucial role these initiatives play in supporting small farmers and ensuring equitable food access.

**Key Discussion Points:**

1. **History of Home Gardens Program:** Angel Hammon and Antonio Rodriguez provide a captivating overview of the evolution of our Home Gardens program. Delve into its roots in grassroots community-centric values, paving the way for sustainable practices.

2. **Response to the Pandemic – CSA Boxes:** Explore how Growing Gardens responded to the challenges of the pandemic by introducing CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes. Our guests shed light on the positive outcomes for consumers and small farmers alike.

3. **Importance of CSA Boxes for Small Farmers:** Angel describes how CSA boxes significantly impact small-scale farmers, offering them consistent community support and creating a more stable and sustainable income.

4. **Affordability and Equitable Food Access:** Angel and Antonio elaborate on various programs that make CSA boxes more affordable. Discover how these efforts contribute to ensuring that everyone, regardless of economic status, has access to fresh, locally grown produce.

5. **Addressing Language Barriers and Increasing Accessibility:** The conversation touches on the importance of overcoming language barriers in community education. Angel and Antonio share how Growing Gardens actively works to make educational resources more accessible to diverse communities.

**Farms Mentioned:**
Our conversation today draws inspiration from the incredible efforts of farms committed to sustainable practices. We acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of: -

**Happiness Family Farms** -
**Wild Roots Farm** -
**Mora Mora Farm** -
**Farm DC** -
**Mariquitas Medicinals** -
**Maxi-Mister Farms** -
**Mud Bone Grown** -
**The Farm Bill**

These farms exemplify the spirit of community-centric agriculture, and their dedication aligns with the principles we champion at Growing Gardens.

**Support Growing Gardens:**

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**Radical Gardening Resource Guide:**

Take a step towards a greener future by downloading our Radical Gardening Resource Guide. This comprehensive resource serves as your step-by-step path to implementing sustainable practices. Visit our website to access this valuable guide. Thank you for joining us in this insightful conversation with Angel Hammon and Antonio Rodriguez. Together, let's cultivate a healthier and more equitable food system for all.