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Virtual Garden Consultation For Aspiring Home Gardners.

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Frustrated by low yields, pests, and diseases...or just don't know where to start?

You’re not alone! The amount of information on the internet and in books can be overwhelming, and not all of it will work in your garden. That’s where we come in. Our virtual garden consultants will give you advice and resources specifically tailored to your soil, sun, micro-climate – and most importantly – exactly what you want to grow!

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 Here's How It Works

Step One

Follow the button below to book your appointment and fill out our short questionnaire. Then, keep your eyes out for a confirmation email with all of the official consultation details.

Step Two

When the time arrives, you can follow the link in your confirmation email to your virtual consultation. Our experienced gardeners will tackle your biggest questions and provide a variety of tips, tricks, and resources.

Step Three

After your consultation, you’ll receive a follow-up email packed full of notes, helpful tools, and a link to donate to Growing Gardens.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Our Garden Consultants

Rima Green

Rima Green runs the Lettuce Grow program at Growing Gardens. She is a Certified Master Gardener with many years of gardening experience. She teaches Oregon State Extension’s Certificate in Home Horticulture in correctional facilities. Rima is available for consulting in English.

Antonio Rodriguez

Antonio Rodriguez is the Home Gardens Manager at Growing Gardens. He has decades of experience growing food on his family’s farm and in his own backyard. He has worked with hundreds of gardeners through our Home Gardens program, providing one-on-one mentoring and advice. Antonio is available for consulting in Spanish.

Emily Keeler

Emily Keeler was the director of the Home Gardens program at Growing Gardens from 2014 until 2020. She has 15 years of gardening and farming experience. Over the years she has taught many of our classes at Growing Gardens and has helped many beginning gardeners get started with the education and support they need to be successful. Emily is available for consulting in English and Spanish.

What People Are Saying


My wife and I received a wealth of knowledge from [the consultant], not just about how to best use the space we have and where to plant everything, but also regarding fun new vegetables to grow, which definitely adds to the excitement for us! We are so appreciative of the guidance offered to us in this consult.


I appreciated the way I felt when talking to [the consultant]. I didn’t feel embarrassed for not knowing how to garden. And asking questions was easy. [They] explained what grows best and where and followed up with an email on great advice. I highly recommend this service to get digging in the dirt!


I was really so super impressed with the experience! I went from having a lot of seeds and tossing them back and forth and thinking about I was going to use them, and second-guessing myself, to having the tools to plan out my small garden plot! I’ve dabbled in gardening for a while, and it’s always hard to ask people things because a lot of people who know a lot about gardening talk about in a way that’s really inaccessible and make people feel like it’s inaccessible, and that’s not [this] at all. I’m feeling confident about growing my own food!


In Portland, as [the consultant] put it, gardening can feel like a competitive sport. But the ability and care [they] put into making me feel at ease, giving me advice and offering explanations gently and with respect, and really reassuring me that I could indeed do this without being an “expert,” was nothing short of radical. This service you’re offering is awesome. Highly recommended.

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