E01: Cooking and Preserving the Harvest with Rashae Burns

Today we have a special guest with us – Rashae Burns, our dedicated Home Gardens program director, and newly certified Master Food Preserver from Oregon State. In this insightful episode, Rashae shares her expertise on the significance of cooking fresh food at home and the art of preserving the harvest. As an advocate for sustainable living and a master in preserving techniques, Rashae emphasizes the transformative power of these practices.

**Key Takeaways:**

1. **Reducing Food Waste:** Rashae passionately discusses how cooking and preserving our harvest can significantly contribute to reducing food waste. Through thoughtful preparation and preservation, we not only maximize the use of our garden produce but also minimize our ecological footprint.

2. **Economic Benefits:** Learn how embracing home cooking and preservation can save you money. Rashae highlights the cost-effectiveness of these practices, making fresh and healthy meals accessible to everyone.

3. **Preserving Cultural Identity:** Rashae connects the act of preserving food to the preservation of cultural identity. Through traditional preservation methods, we can pass down culinary heritage, ensuring that the flavors of our communities are not lost over time.

4. **Healthier Diets:** Discover the health benefits of incorporating fresh, home-cooked meals into your daily routine. Rashae provides insights into how these practices contribute to a healthier and more nourishing diet.

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**Radical Gardening Resource Guide:**
Take the next step towards a greener future by downloading our Radical Gardening Resource Guide. This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step action path for individuals and communities to create positive change through radical gardening practices. Visit our website to access this valuable resource. Thank you for joining us in this inspiring conversation with Rashae Burns. Together, let's empower communities, promote sustainable living, and cultivate a healthier, more equitable food system for all.