E07: Seeds of Change: Community Seed Libraries and the Future of Food Sovereignty

Host: Jason Skipton

Guests: Antonio Rodriguez and Isabel Cruz

Language: English/ Spanish 



Join Executive Director Jason Skipton for a bilingual interview with our Home Gardens team members Antonio and Isabel who discuss our unique approach to seed sharing through our community seed libraries.

Episode Highlights:

- Learn about our Home Gardens program
- Hear how Antonio and Isabel brought their lived experience to the workplace
- Hear about the unique challenge we faced as an organization to meet the needs of our program participants and cultivate an abundance of culturally relevant produce in Portland neighborhoods 
-Hear how we came up with the idea for a decentralized seed library initiative
-Learn how you can start a similar initiative in your own neighborhood

Resources Mentioned:

- The Home Gardens Program


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- Contact Antonio at [email protected]

- Email our Podcast Producer, Bee at [email protected]

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The Radical Root is a podcast produced by the 501c3 nonprofit Growing Gardens. It tells the amazing stories of our team while providing valuable examples of Radical Gardening and grassroots food system advocacy in action. Follow along for inspiring ideas and actionable advice for your first - or next - community gardening project.

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