Youth Grow


Youth Grow provides hands-on education in school gardens to help all children feel accepted and empowered to make conscious choices, become stewards of the environment, share their culture and increase community resiliency.

What We Do


Lead garden-based education during the school day, afterschool and summer to engage kids in science and interdisciplinary learning while building skills of classroom teachers. Each year we teach over 2500 K-8 students during the school day and 300 in afterschool Garden Clubs. We also lead cooking, gardening and environmental action clubs at a high school. To foster teen leadership, we host paid Community Food System interns each summer who teach younger students, learn about local food systems and contribute to school gardens.

Promote Health

Improve access to and child enthusiasm for healthy fruits and vegetables. We grow produce to donate to the cafeteria, offer in taste-tests and give to families.

Inspire Environmental Stewards

Inspire the next generation of environmental conservationists. We get kids outside to have hands-on experiences with the biodiversity of nature. Lessons that connect to the big picture (soil fertility, pollination, carbon cycle, climate, etc.)

Build Community

Facilitate intergenerational and multicultural community-building. Last year we participated in over 50 school events to connect families around common interests in gardens and food.

Focus on Sustainability

Build the skills, sense of ownership and resources to ensure that garden programs continue beyond GG’s partnership with each school.

Build a Movement

Play a leadership role in the regional movement to expand and sustain school garden programs for more children, teachers and families.

Youth Grow Accomplishments

Check out the accomplishments of 2021-2022 school year: Youth Grow Fact sheet

Where we Work

Our current school partners are:

  • Faubion K-8
  • Lent K-8
  • Kelly K-5
  • Whitman K-5
  • Scott K-5
  • Riger K-5
  • Cherry Park K-5
  • Glenfair K-5
  • Davis K-5
  • Powell Butte K-5
  • Patrick Lynch K-5
  • Mount Hood Community College Headstart
  • David Douglas High School
  • Morrison Child & Family Services

To apply for a school partnership, please contact our Youth Grow Program Manager Amoreena. Youth Grow takes on new commitments as funding allows and seeks opportunities for joint fundraising.

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