Announcing Chef In Your Garden 2022: 5 Events Beginning in June!

Chef In Your Garden (CIYG) 2022 celebrates the deep connection to our land, the seasons and the stories of local leaders who champion our food system. We have partnered with 10 incredible Portland chefs to showcase the best of our Oregon bounty – specialty produce, proteins and products – through unique take-home and hybrid/in person meal experiences. Through this series, we unite chefs, beverage makers, and farmers to curate meals that highlight leaders in our local food system while raising critical funds to support their work and ours. The current pandemic has exposed gaps in our healthcare, food, and economic systems. With a mission of cultivating healthy, equitable communities through garden-based education, Growing Gardens’ work is more critical than ever to overcome the unique challenges presented by this crisis.

Chef in Your Garden offers the opportunity to experience a truly unique meal, crafted by top Portland chefs. This year we will be having two take home dinners, similar to the last two years of CIYG and three in person events; as of now. *Please note: If choosing to stay and enjoy your meal in person at our hybrid events we are requiring a proof of vaccination to attend* Each chef will be creating a unique, multi-course basket that will include a 3 course meal, including dessert and a local wine, beer or spirits pairing, with a non alcoholic option provided by our amazing series sponsor Aurora Beverages. This year’s series welcomes some amazing chef collaborations and new chefs who will prepare 50 baskets on their respective basket date.

Each take home basket will be accompanied by a pre-recorded video of the basket’s featured Chef so you can learn more about each dish and the inspiration behind it. All baskets will include a printed menu as well as re-heating and assembly instructions. These meals are not menu items; they are stories told through food crafted for this one night.
Each take home dinner basket serves 2 people and costs $100. Each Chef will make 50 baskets, so quantities are limited! Our in person events, beginning in July, will be limited to 50 people total, and tickets will be priced per person instead of a dinner for two.


MONDAY, JUNE 27th | Richard & Sophia Văn Lê and Ethan & Geri Leung | Matta & Baon Kainan

My name is Richard Văn Lê and I own Matta, a việt kiều experience, with my wife Sophia. The term việt kiều refers to Vietnamese folk who are born outside of Vietnam, and in my case, I’m an American việt kiều. Our mission is to help open up a new dialogue in which fellow việt kiều can be reminded that our stories are unique and nuanced, essentially a new breed of Vietnamese. We tell our story through food, in which we tap into the memories of an immigrant home as well as the lifestyle in America. There are dishes from my childhood, as well as dishes recreated from my American upbringing. At the end, our goal is to bring balance to both cultures as they reside in me. A true việt kiều experience.

Baon Kainan is owned and operated by Geri Leung and Ethan Leung. Growing up predominantly in the U.S. and having a Filipino heritage makes Ethan and Geri Leung’s story unique but common to what second and third generation Filipinos have experienced. They learned a lot about our heritage through their moms who cooked traditional Filipino food like adobo, kare kare and sinigang. They are inspired by the food they grew up with: American food from being brought up in the States or foods from countries our Military family took them, and of course the foods their mothers cooked them to remind them of home. They are excited to share their full story through food with you all and also learn more about their culture in the process!

This is our first collaborative Chef in Your Garden.

Farm Partners: Mora Mora Farm and Kasama Farm

Pick up incentive: Nossa Familia Coffee




Saturday, July 23rd | Thuy Pham and Fatou Ouattara | Mama Dut and Akadi | Growing Gardens Office

Thuy Pham is the owner of Mama Dut and a member of Growing Garden’s Think Tank.

“My greatest relationships and bonds have been forged with an abundance of food fostered with love and care. Feasting together, sharing laughs and stories is how we all made deeper and more meaningful connections with each other. That is especially true with my daughter, Kinsley. My fondest memories from her early childhood are in our backyard when we would pick all the ripe vegetables from the garden beds. We grew cucumbers, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, herbs, and so much more. Each time, I would ask her if she wanted to taste something; ‘Kinsley, mama dút’: mama will feed you. And with every spoonful there was love, compassion, and open-mindedness.” 

Fatou Ouattara is the owner of Akadi, reoping May 8th at new location: 1001 SE Division Unit 2 Portland, OR 97202.

“Hello there, this is Fatou Ouattara and I am from Bouake, Cote D’Ivoire. Growing up in Cote D’Ivoire, my mom, grandma and aunts thought me a great deal of African cuisine. As a teenager, I would visit my grandmother in Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso, where she showed me how to cook with clay ovens, wood fire and traditional spices made from scratch. My ultimate goal is to authentically represent West African culture through food, music and ambiance.”




Sunday, August 28th | Holly Ong of Sibeiho and Jane Barmore, Nori DeVega, and Tricia San Mateo of TIKIM Collective | Wild Roots Farm

Sibeiho is a Singaporean food startup based in Portland, Oregon co-founded by Holly Ong and Pat Lau. The Sibeiho brand transports you to the tastes, sights, and textures of Singapore (with Chinese, Malay, Indian, and Nonya culinary influences)


Through the pandemic Jane Barmore, Nori DeVega and Tricia San Mateo went through very similar but separate journeys of Filipino food discovery because they missed home. There was no other option but to make the food that gave them comfort through a very trying time. When the world reopened and they finally met, they felt a sense of community that led to a friendship built on a shared passion for food and their Filipino American immigrant experiences that led to TIKIM.


Sunday, September 11th

Luna Contreras, Kbar, Josephine LaCosta 


Luna Contreras is a local chef who has worked at many restaraunts in Portland including; Ox, Superbite and Bistro Agnes. She is currently cooking for a pop-up by the name Chelo PDX with Michelle Ruocco in residency at previous CIYG chef Carlo Lamagna’s restaraunt, Magna Kusina. Chelo runs on Mondays and Tuesdays currently beginning around 5 PM. Luna is also on the board of local non-profit Family Meal. This organization provides financial relief to Oregon’s food service and agricultural workers in medical crisis. 







Kbar is a chef, community member, farmer, and much more! Kbar was an organizer for In the Weeds with Josaphine and organized a recent Soup and Bread event in which Jo and Luna also participated in!






Josephine LaCosta is the owner of Elbow’s Catering and an active member of the Portland community. Elbow’s Catering is a culinary design project providing clients with specifically tailored and consciously sourced experiences for their communal gatherings. “I believe in relishing food for its own sake and sharing it with everyone around me. It was this desire to build and grow a community that led me to Portland, OR in 2016, where I was inspired to make the leap from working in restaurants to starting my own catering project.” Jo has engaged in many pop ups, and dinner events around the city and was one of the organizers for community project In The Weeds. In the Weeds brought farm direct produce to people affected by Covid in the food industry. Jo is currently catering weddings and other events.

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