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Chef In My Garden


Join us for Chef in My Garden 2019, a series of extraordinary dinners created by some of Portland’s top chefs paired with outstanding local wineries. The dinners are hosted in stunning private gardens benefiting our mission.

Growing Gardens uses the experience of growing food in schools, backyards and correctional facilities to cultivate healthy, equitable communities. Our work promotes better health, self-reliance and stronger communities across the state of Oregon. You will be given an opportunity to showcase your support during a fundraising appeal.

What a wonderful way to spend a sunny, summer afternoon, enjoying an unforgettable experience to support an amazing organization.

Event dates

June 30 – Aaron Adams & Durant Vineyards

July 14 – Katy Millard of Coquine & Cooper Mountain Vineyards

July 21 – Jacob Harth of Erizo & Apolloni Vineyards

August 4 – Maya Lovelace of Yonder & J.K. Carriere

August 11 – Fatou Ouatarra of Akadi & Division Winemaking Company

August 18 – BJ Smith of Delores & Leah Jorgensen Cellars


June 30 | Aaron Adams and Scott Winegard | SOLD OUT

You would never expect an impressive garden this size could be located within the Portland city limits! Celine Fitzmaurice and Larry Olson’s Mt. Tabor garden, where Japanese influence meets English garden in an edible landscape, is full of plants with an eye toward four season color. The garden unfolds with each step further into the space. Additionally, you can tour Larry’s studio and immerse yourself in the intimate landscapes of his signature photographs. We paired this spectacular garden with Aaron Adams and Scott Winegard, co-chefs of Farm Spirit. Aaron moved to Portland in 2005, where he discovered veganism, which spoke to his heart and his stomach. Unfortunately, he did not think it would speak to the greater dining public. So he quit. After a stint as a machinist, he went back to cooking, eventually opening the very successful Portobello Vegan Trattoria in 2008. Twenty years after his first foray into the restaurant world, Aaron opened Farm Spirit in 2015, a true expression of his desire to create an oasis for “anyone and everyone to gather in an authentic and intimate setting, and just appreciate what’s been growing around us.” Scott is originally from New York, where he spent 10 years learning from the owner of Angelica Kitchen and nurtured a passion to cook thoughtfully-sourced cuisine from the local farms. He has been an integral member of various New York City kitchens, led the culinary team for plant-based restaurant group Matthew Kenney Cuisine, and opened nearly 30 restaurants across the U.S. and around the globe, including 9 openings in 2018 alone. Scott joined Aaron as co-chef in 2019, bringing with him 20+ years of globally-inspired technique and culinary style to the bounty of the Pacific Northwest.

Thank you to our generous dinner sponsor, Durant

July 14 | Katy Millard | SOLD OUT

Bob Hyland and Andrew Beckman’s sunny hillside garden is perched on the edge of Forest Park in NW Portland and includes panoramic views of Mt. St. Helens and other Cascade peaks. Naturalistic beds and borders feature climate-adapted plants that thrive in Portland’s dry summers, accompanied by summer-blooming perennials. Planted containers cover the front deck, spill out of the greenhouse and punctuate the gardens. Bob is owner of Hyland Garden Design and Andrew is the former head gardener for Martha Stewart. Their impressive garden will host Katy Millard, chef and co-owner of Coquine, an ambitious, full service restaurant and neighborhood café in Portland, Oregon serving a sophisticated, unfussy menu in a distinctive yet welcoming space. Katy moved to Oregon in 2010 where she worked in respected kitchens including Bollywood Theater, Sauvage, and The Woodsman Tavern. A 2017 James Beard Award Best Chef Northwest finalist, Katy’s foundation in French technique brings focus and intention to her cooking; striving for consistency, perfection and purpose in every dish. Her playful, casual style shines through to create unpretentiously elegant food you can – and want to – eat every day.

July 21 | Jacob Harth | SOLD OUT

Tucked away in the Southwest Hills of Portland, Susan Denman’s exquisite garden will surely delight guests. This Smithsonian documented acre and a half garden surrounds an 1897 farmhouse with historical charm. Additionally, happy hour will be held in the neighboring garden of Lisa and David Platt. Guests will have an opportunity to enjoy their drinks while walking the sloping pathways of the Jane Platt Garden. This astounding two and a half acre garden sits in the backyard of the Platt family’s 1942 home, built by preeminent Northwest regional modernist architect Pietro Belluschi. Guests will make their way back to Susan’s for dinner and see how her garden contrasts formal structure with loose plantings: a knot garden planted with herbs, a walled vegetable garden, a native wildflower meadow, and borders of heirloom roses, lavender and hydrangeas. In this lovely garden, you will enjoy delicious dishes created Jacob Harth, chef and owner of hyper-sustainable seafood restaurant Erizo. Jacob Harth grew up on a farm in southern Oregon; now, he uses his foraging skills and commercial fishing license to bring unexpected ingredients to Portland diners. Named a 2019 Eater Young Gun, and a veteran of several prominent Portland kitchens, Jacob focuses on acquainting his guests with by-catch, native, and invasive species from the state’s shores.  

August 4 | Maya Lovelace | SOLD OUT

With 250 feet of water frontage on Crystal Springs Creek, the gardens surrounding the home of Lane Brown and Maureen Wright are a tranquil setting right in the heart of the Sellwood neighborhood. The plantings provide habitat for a wide variety of wildlife, from blue heron and otter to a newly invigorated run of salmon. The home was designed by the architect/owner and his wife and was featured in the Oregon Home Magazine. This makes for a classic setting for Maya Lovelace’s Yonder that channels her grandmother’s southern Appalachian cooking and hospitality through Maya’s culinary training and the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. Maya was a 2017 semifinalist for the James Beard Rising Star Chef of the Year. Yonder, which specializes in her delicious fried chicken and beyond the bird, a rotating menu of mains including fried catfish, vegetarian-friendly cornmeal-fried oyster mushrooms and a ton of different sides, some permanent, some seasonal, including biscuits, mac and cheese and collard greens.

Thank you to our generous dinner sponsor, Bob’s Red Mill.

August 11 | Fatou Ouattara | SOLD OUT

Cynthia and Dennis Wiancko share their lush Corbett, Oregon forest hideaway with their daughter Sasha Swerdloff and son-in-law Anders Meyer. This garden includes a quaint blueberry orchard and a breathtaking view of Mt. Hood on a clear day! We pair the beautiful garden near the Gorge with Fatou Ouattara, chef and owner of Akadi. Fatou who moved from the Ivory Coast to attend Portland State University at age 23, learned to cook Ivorian traditional food at age 7. Akadi serves dishes from countries throughout West Africa, with a focus on the Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso. Fatou was featured in PDX Monthly’s Best New Restaurants 2018 and brings her passion for not only creating recipes, but executing recipes that were passed down to her from her elders to her cooking.

Thank you to our generous dinner sponsors, Garden Fever! and Ring Bender.

August 18 | BJ Smith | SOLD OUT

Often referred to by Growing Garden’s staff as the garden where fairies live, there is so much to explore at the Hilderbrand’s. Their garden has an impressive collection of local and international sculptures, fun topiary, winding paths through evergreens and gorgeous shade gardens. In this lovely garden, you will enjoy delicious dishes from Top Chef alum BJ Smith, who has created a fun and playfulness space with a few nods to his late mother, the restaurant’s namesake, Delores. Smith returns to his family as a theme throughout the restaurant’s menu, as well. “My mom really loved luxury ingredients, so a smear of caviar or truffles — it was always a treat to have that kind of stuff in the house.” Smith leans heavily on family staples as the foundations of many dishes on the Delores menu. Smith’s grandmother is Polish, and he spent summers with her making pierogi for family parties. The restaurant’s potato-cheese pierogi are almost identical to those he made with her as a kid, but he added extra oomph with caramelized onions and bacon.