Planting seeds for good food, healthy people

Home Gardens – Impact

“I liked that I was eating food grown by me for me. It did help me save money on food. I also got to meet some new neighbors and had more contact with the neighbors that I know. Also, the bed makes my front yard look much better.” – 1st year Home Gardener

“My son loves to eat everything we grow. If it came from our garden he’ll eat it. He loves the way it looks and how it feels to see the plants and eat the food. He also enjoys all the critters who live in the garden…bees, ladybugs, frogs. Sometimes he helps with the weeding and planting of seeds and starts.”  – 3rd year gardener

“Gardening has been a joy and has provided outdoor activity for us. We don’t get out much the last few years due to disability issues. But the accessible plant box that you built for us has joyfully required being outside daily. It has also provided us with projects to look forward to and to work on. The veggies are not the least of our pleasure! This year, we were so inspired that we put in 12 new, large containers in which we grew even more vegetables!  I can’t begin to say how much this program has improved our lives!” – 5th year Home Gardener

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